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home hardware

Aylward's Home Hardware
P.O. Box 209
Placentia: 227-2145
Grand Bank: 832-0520
Marystown: 279-2202
Phone 227-2145

Newhook's Home Hardware
Arnolds Cove, NL
Phone 463-8844

Trepassey Home Hardware
Trepassey, NL
Phone 438-2941

Witless Bay Hardware
Witless Bay, NL
Phone 584-3300

W.W. Young & Son
Musgravetown, NL
Phone 467-2621

Avalon Home Improvement
Cupids, NL
Phone 528-1299

Crocker's Home Hardware
Green's Harbour, NL
Phone 582-2700

E.J. Cram
Green's Harbour, NL
Phone 582-2913

Jim Hickey Enterprises
Terrenceville, NL
Phone 662-2322

Terrenceville, NL
Phone 662-2433

Mount Carmel Building
Supplies Ltd

Mount Carmel, NL
Phone 521-2730

O'Flaherty's Hardware &
Building Supplies

Burnt Point, NL
Phone 584-3300

P & D Hardware
St. Mary's, NL
Phone 525-2017

Paint Shop Home Decorating Center
Marystown: 279-4125
Placentia: 227-5253
Hawkes Bay: 248-5337
Grand Bank: 832-2350
Goulds: 364-9418

Paul's Enterprise Ltd
Ferryland, NL
Phone 432-2330

Pikes Pro Hardware
Blaketown, NL
Phone 759-2900

Weather Shore Windows Inc
77 Blackmarsh Road
St. John's, NL
Phone 753-7640

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